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"In 2012, Kronotrop began as a small coffee shop in Galatasaray. At the time, good coffee wasn't common in Turkey, but Kronotrop quickly won over true coffee lovers. Over the years, they've grown, and now they have 25 branches across Turkey's cities.


Since 2022, we've been their social media partner, creating cool stuff for their online presence. We do more than just regular marketing – we handle photos, videos, designs, and illustrations. Our photos capture the cozy vibe of Kronotrop, and our videos show how they make their amazing coffee. The designs we make reflect Kronotrop's style – bold and authentic. And our illustrations add a creative touch that matches their energetic coffee culture.

With Kronotrop, we're not just talking about their success, but showing it with visuals. Our goal is simple: we're using pictures and videos to tell the story of Kronotrop in a way that everyone can enjoy."

Creative Direction | Digital Content | Social Media Management | Photoshoot | Video Production

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